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As stated in our Terms and Conditions (AUP) we have the right to provide detailed information on High Risk Consumers (HRC) and provide full details to merchants or concerned persons. Below is a list of individuals who frivolously tried to do a chargeback but ended up losing the case, as we actively fight all chargebacks. The list of people below are a disgrace to society and as such have made our popular WALL OF SHAME page. Their details have been listed in the High Risk Consumer report which is accessible to merchants and the general public and their IP addresses have also been blacklisted. For full details on these individuals send an email to


Date of case: January 6, 2011

Date of victory: February 8, 2011

Issuing bank: CHASE (Visa)

Name: Charles Alvin Morgan

Location: Lombard, Illinois, United States of America

IP address:

Email address:


Date of case: February 12, 2011

Date of Victory: March 26, 2011

Issuing bank: AMP Bank limited (Mastercard)

Name: Tracy Collins Oneal

Location: Melbourne, Australia

IP address:

Email address:


Date of case: July, 2011

Date of victory: Pending case

Issuing bank: Visa

Name: Mohammad Wazirali

Location: Carrollton, Texas 75007

IP address:

Email address: